Marathon Training Week 6: Running to stay sane

Part of the reason I run is to help me think through things, have an outlet, and stay sane.  In my crazy life with two kids under two, a “to do” list that never ends, and days that feel like everything is out of control, running is my therapy.  I’m not sure where I’d be without it.

During this past week, things felt especially out of my hands as my Dad was admitted back into the hospital.  He had a double bypass surgery in early January, and unfortunately his road to recovery has had several twists and turns.  Throughout this journey with him, there are days I am so thankful to be a Registered Nurse and some days where I wish I didn’t know as much.  What matters most to me though is that I am confident he will recover and, while it may be a while, he will be back to being my Dad.  In the meantime, I am not only running to train for Sugarloaf, I am running to stay sane and feel as though I have some kind of control in this chaotic world.

With trips back and forth to the hospital, work, and my own family, week 6 of training was challenging, but I got it done.  I noticed this week that my endurance is improving.  I can run faster, longer.  I’ve noticed hills are becoming easier and I am recovering faster.  I love making progress!  Seeing results is partly what gets me out of bed on these cold winter mornings for my workouts.  I want more!


Here is my recap.

Monday:  This week Monday was a rest day from running for me.  I work Mondays, so after the work day was done and the kids were in bed, I got in an hour of strength training using a program my trainer from FEAST Athletics provided.  The main focus today was on arms and core.


Alternate arm bent over reverse flyes


Oblique abdominals on stability ball with opposite knee lift



Prone platform plan with leg lifts


Tricep extensions






























Tuesday:  I met my neighbor at 5:45 AM for a 7 mile run.  We dipped in an out of different neighborhoods and tried a few new roads so our 7 miles turned out to be just over at 7.6.  It was deceivingly FRIGID outside.  Even with two layers of winter gear on my legs, they froze.  Gotta love winter running!

Wednesday:  My neighbor and I met again at 6 AM for another 7 miles.  One of my favorite routes and great company made the 7 miles fly by.  It was an awesome run that I almost didn’t make after having slept about 4 hours the night before and getting a later than desired start.

Thursday:  I was due for 8 miles of hills, but didn’t get much sleep again after a long day Wednesday.  I ended up spending the day at the hospital with my family and today became a rest day, but all I could think about was how bad I needed a run!

Friday:  I snuck in 6 fast miles on the treadmill while the kids napped.  This was a much needed run and going into it, I knew I wanted negative splits with every mile.  I wanted to push myself for speed and sweat and to feel alive!  So I did.  6 miles in 51:42. (9:05/8:58/8:49/8:34/8:20/8:03)

I think this new tank motivated me!

I think this new tank motivated me!

Saturday:  Ahhh…8 miles of hills completed!  I ran early and alone, pounding the pavement up and down hills until I hit the next town and then turned around to head home.  Another awesome run!

Sunday:   I was due for a total of 7.1 miles (2 mile warm up, into a 5k, and then a 2 mile cool down).  With the clocks changing and “springing ahead”, it was a tough wake up for me after I hit snooze a few times, but I got myself up and onto the treadmill.  I got in a 2 mile warm up and my fast 5K for a total of 5.1 miles.  My 2 mile cool down never happened.  I had to cut it short because we had plans this morning.  I’m giving myself a break on this one considering the week!

Total mileage for week 6 of training was 33.9.


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