MyTeam Triumph: All are included, nobody is left behind!

A goal of mine is to be an “Angel” to my IR4 buddy, Angel.  When I set this goal, I knew I needed to learn more and form some kind of plan.  Otherwise, it would end up being a dream that never became reality.  This is how I learned of two amazing organizations, Ainsley’s Angels of America and MyTeam Triumph (mTT).  I have recently applied to be an “Angel” for the New Hampshire Chapter of Ainsley’s Angels and am waiting to hear (fingers crossed!).  A few months back, I applied to be an “Angel” for MyTeam Triumph – Massachusetts and was accepted.  I could not be more proud to be a part of this organization led by Ron Robb.


Imagine for a moment the excitement of registering for your first race, the thrill of arriving to the event and pinning your race bib on, the feeling of nervousness at the start line, the feeling of being alive as the wind kisses your face on the course, and the feeling of accomplishment as you cross the finish line.

Now imagine, for just a moment, that you don’t even have the opportunity to compete, to start, to finish, to triumph.

Thanks to MyTeam Triumph, everyone has the opportunity to finish and triumph!  Individuals with disabilities who may otherwise not be able to experience an event like a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or even triathlon on their own, now have the opportunity to do so.  By applying to be an “Angel”, you are signing up as an athlete to have the privilege of pushing and/or pulling (depending on the event) your “Captain”, the race participant with a disability.  mTT provides all necessary equipment to ensure “Captains” can participate in any event.  This organization is truly making dreams a reality!

MyTeam Triumph was started in Grand Rapids, Michigan in March of 2008.  Today, 22 states have mTT Chapters and there is even a Canadian Chapter.  mTT is a non-profit organization with a mission “…to enhance the health and well being of individuals with disabilities by fostering lasting, authentic relationships through the teamwork environment of endurance athletics.”

I will participate in my first mTT event as an “Angel” with the Massachusetts Chapter on June 21, 2015 at the 3rd Annual Lazy Lobster 10 Mile Road Race in Wareham, MA.  Words can not describe how excited I am to meet my “Captain”!  The Lazy Lobster is the main fundraising event for the MA Chapter.  This race offers the option of a 5 or 10 mile route (in-person and virtual!) as well as a kids fun run.  The Lazy Lobster 10 miler was voted the Best 10 Miler by the South Shore Road Race Guide.  The Best Logo and Mascot for 2014 also went to this race.  Additionally, it won honorable mention for Race of the Year and Best Kids Race.  Clearly, this is a race to be run!

0c1ddb9ea7a99882a1ecbdfb85e45d3d While you don’t have to participate as part of MyTeam Triumph – MA, I speak on behalf of myself and the Chapter when I say that we would LOVE to have you as an “Angel” or “Captain”!  To learn more about mTT-MA or to apply, visit  (Please note that for “Angel” race registration for the Lazy Lobster event, there is a special code provided to you so first you will need to apply as an “Angel” and once accepted, you are provided the code to register as such.)  For general race registration, visit—june-21-2015.html.

Training in my awesome mTT singlet!

Training in my awesome mTT singlet!

As a non-profit, mTT is funded through charitable donations.  “Angels” typically pay the race registration fee which allows “Captains” to participate.  Additionally, mTT is always thankful for donations of any amount as well as corporate sponsorship to help ensure additional events, up to date equipment, and the future of the organization.

This is an organization that exemplifies inclusion.  Nobody is left behind.  Everyone has the chance to experience the excitement of pinning on that bib, the nervousness of being at the starting line, the wind kissing their face as they race to the finish, and that feeling of accomplishment at the finish line.  MyTeam Triumph is a source of inspiration to me not only for the work that they do and the fact that they make dreams become reality, but because they provide me an opportunity to one day be an “Angel” to my Angel.


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