Marathon Training Week 8: Half-Way to The Big Day!

The past week has been a blur for me.  I worked on Monday, was up at the crack of dawn Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, took a day off Friday, was up before the birds again on Saturday, and as I write this post, it’s Sunday and my house has been hit by some kind of virus.  I didn’t get in any real strength training this week so I’m counting lifting my two big babies up and putting them down all day long, every day, as a workout!  I found my bottle of Nuun in the refrigerator yesterday and tonight when my husband went to feed the dog, he grabbed a biscuit instead of his dog food.  I think that pretty much sums up how things are going here.  Nonetheless , marathon training continued and I realized that I am now officially half-way through my training plan.  Week 8 is complete and I’ve got just 8 more weeks until the big day at Sugarloaf.  Even though I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck right now, I am so excited for the big day!  Bring it on!!!

Here’s my recap of Week 8.

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday-  5 miles at 6:00 AM with my neighbor and running buddy, Jillian.  I woke up, put on my usual cold weather attire topped with my reflective gear and headed out.  When the garage door opened, I realized it was freezing rain.  Fun…NOT!  It was definitely an adventure though.  Even though we had to walk on one portion of ice covered dirt road, we finished strong and gave all the kids waiting for the bus that morning a good laugh as we skated by.

Wednesday–  Another early, chilly run with Jillian, this time completing just over 4 miles.

Thursday- It was a long day for me.  I didn’t sleep much at all because I was thinking about my Dad who just hasn’t been doing much better yet.  I awoke from a deep sleep at 4:34 AM and couldn’t fall back to sleep.  At 5:30, I got up, geared up, and showed up solo for my hill repeat workout.  This was my first official hill repeat workout so the night before I was excited for it.  The morning of, I was feeling exhausted.  After my 2 mile warm up, I was feeling ready to conquer Mack Hill and so I did, completing 3 miles of hill repeats in frigid temps.  I did another 2 miles to cool down and finish the workout and by the end, I felt fantastic!

Friday-  Rest Day

Saturday-  I was up at 4:30, out the door by 4:45, and pounding pavement with my friend who is also training for Sugarloaf by 5:15 AM.  We did a quick 4 in the dark and then met up with an awesome crew of running friends for another 10 to get our long run in for the week, a total of 14 miles.  It was snowing most of the run and at one point I believe we may have nearly been attacked by wild turkeys, although I was too busy screaming and running away to know what was coming for us!  There were some amazing views along the way, some great hills, and we even passed a beautiful horse on a random road we took as a cut through.  That may have been the highlight of my run…other than finishing it of course.  At the finish, I felt strong and got a feeling that this marathon is going to be awesome!

Sunday-  Between little sleep Saturday night, an emotional day at the hospital today, and this stupid virus that has attacked our house, I chose to not do my 4 miler to finish off the week.  I am always telling others to rest when they are not feeling 100%.  Sometimes it is hard to take your own advice, but not today.  I know I made the right decision to rest.

Total mileage this week:  30.1 miles.

Week 9 includes some newer workouts I have yet to do, like Yasso 800’s, so I will look forward to sharing my experiences with you this time next week!  Until then, GET AFTER IT!


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