Meet Meg: “Fitness Junkie” On A Journey Proving ANYTHING Is Possible!

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get your exercise on?  You’ve got a family, a new baby at home, a full-time job, your own blog, and a laundry list of chores to get done.  How will you ever make time to fit in your workout?  It might sound impossible, but here at Run For Your Sole, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  Meet Meg who’s proving this to be true on a daily basis!


Meg is a 31 year old wife, Mommy to a beautiful 7-month old daughter, full-time elementary school art teacher, owner and blog writer for Veggie Staples, runner, CrossFitter, and…well, let’s just call Meg “Super Woman!”

Meg and I connected through our running group, GMMRTT, just this year.  Every time Meg would post about a workout, a run, her family, a goal, whatever it was, it was always positive.  I like positive.  It’s what keeps me and so many other people moving.  When Meg recently posted about her journey to reach her goal weight after having her daughter, it really caught my attention and helped boost my motivation.  Having had my daughter almost a year ago now, I know that it is no easy task to lose that baby weight and it certainly is extremely difficult to fit in workouts with a new baby needing your attention and love 24/7, but that’s exactly what Meg is doing.  I knew instantaneously she would be a source of inspiration to so many others.

Meg grew up in what she refers to as a “thin family”.  She was heavy as a child though and admittedly didn’t exercise much.  By the time Meg started grad school in 2008 she decided that she “…just wanted to feel better…” about herself and so she took action to make it happen.  Meg joined The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program and began training for her first half marathon which she completed in January of 2009.  This was the beginning of Meg’s weight loss and overall health improvement journey.  Not only was she helping to raise money for a fantastic organization and cause, she was seeing personal results  and feeling better, her ultimate goal.  That was all it took for Meg to get hooked and become a self-described “fitness junkie”, attend a lot of fitness classes, and begin to eat clean.

Meg at the Applefest Half Marathon

Meg at the Applefest Half Marathon

Meg lost a total of 60 pounds before getting pregnant with her daughter.  She told me that losing the weight took her three years and there were “…LOTS of plateaus.”  She reminds anyone out there who is starting their own weight loss journey or fitness routine to always take it one day at a time.  “Stay on track despite what the scale says, and find a workout buddy! It’s so much easier and you have someone to hold you accountable!”

During Meg’s pregnancy, she was extremely active and she continued to watch what she was eating, but she still managed to gain 63 pounds. “I walked almost every day, I ran until I was 4 months pregnant, and I even went to bikram yoga up until I was 8 months pregnant!”  (Meg, you’re not alone!  I know myself and so many other women out there who did all the right things while pregnant but still packed on the pounds can relate!)  Meg started walking her daughter in a stroller around the neighborhood at about 4 weeks postpartum and began CrossFit once she was cleared by her doctor.  “I gradually built back up and began running again 4 months postpartum.”

Today, Meg is taking it one day at a time and taking her own advice to stay on track and workout with others when possible.  7 months after the birth of her daughter, Meg has lost 50 pounds through dedication, persistence, hard work, sweat, and continuing to eating clean.  She is training to run her 14th half marathon next month, doing Cross-Fit, additional strength work several days a week, and attending yoga classes.  Oh, did I mention Meg is also preparing for her first full marathon this Fall (Baystate Marathon in Lowell, MA)?!?!  SUPER WOMAN!!!  Meg has set a goal to lose another 18 pounds by this Memorial Day and hit her goal weight of 155 pounds.  Knowing how hard she is working and that she has set her mind on this, I am POSITIVE she will succeed!



...and after!

…and after!

A big part of Meg’s healthy living journey has involved eating clean.  “I turned my eating completely around (cut out everything processed, meat, and over time, dairy which I later realized I had an allergy to), and started attending lots of fitness classes!”  Although not gluten intolerant, Meg cut gluten out of her diet a few years ago now and to this day can still feel the difference when she eats foods with gluten.  She believes it is important to listen to your body and says, “So many food brands and restaurants have gluten free products and they taste exactly the same.  Eating gluten free these days is not like eating gluten free 5 years ago. That being said, just because something is gluten free does not mean it’s healthy. Even if a product is gluten free, it still can be filled with lots of processed ingredients and additives. Always read nutrition labels!”

Clean eating has had such an impact on Meg’s life that she even has her own awesome blog, Veggie Staples, where she shares amazing “dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, plant based recipes.”  I have to say when I first learned of this, I was curious .  I myself love dairy (I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to milk!) and don’t eat nearly as clean as Meg does.  How could it taste good?  Oh boy, was I WRONG!  I have tried two of her recipes so far (surprise Meg!)  and coming from someone that was doubting this clean eating thing, I have to say, I’m loving it!  Her almond butter banana blender muffins are ridiculously out of this world and the cinnamon almond butter pancakes were so good that my whole family inhaled them!  I will definitely be making more “clean” treats.  Check her out!  You’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye.

So how does she fit all this in?  Meg told me that her husband is very supportive and on the weekends he watches their daughter while she runs or does yoga.  During the week, after Meg finishes teaching she heads to the gym which is right around the corner from her daughters daycare.  “This gives me no excuse!”  Like so many others I have met along the way, Meg makes time for her workouts.  She makes them happen.

Of course I had to know what motivates and inspires Meg to keep moving forward.  She told me that she loves our running group, GMMRTT and that “…anyone trying to turn around their eating or exercise habits…” helps motivate her.  If anyone knows, Meg knows that it wouldn’t be called “hard work” if it was easy!  Another source of motivation for Meg is, in her own words, “Other healthy Mama’s! Everyone can commiserate together!”  I’m with you girl!  Finding people around you who are working hard toward similar goals while managing a million other things at the same time, let’s just call it managing life, is EXTREMELY motivating and inspiring.  So cheers to you Meg for helping me and now so many others keep moving forward, one step at a time!


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