Marathon Training Week 12: Boston Awesomeness!


Over the last week, a lot of awesome things have happened.  If I went into detail about everything, this post would take up your entire Monday.  Considering it’s Marathon Monday, I know you’ve got way more important things to do.  So let’s just jump right into it!

#1:  My Dad was moved out of the ICU and onto a different floor at the hospital!  Progress is being made in his treatment and he seems to be getting a bit stronger each day despite a few setbacks.  This was the highlight of my week for sure!

#2:  I ran mile repeats for the first time and I loved them!  Now having actually done this workout, I completely understand how it can be used to “feel” your pace.  Without even looking at my watch until each mile was done, I managed to run every mile at a very similar pace and in fact, a bit quicker than I thought I would.  Not only that, I ran into several other runners and even a friend during the workout!

#3:  No more headlamps!  This was the first week that I went out for early morning runs and did not need my headlamp.  Wow, that felt great!  The sun is rising a bit earlier each day and I’m loving it!

#4:  My chiropractor is a mirace worker!  Toward the end of last week, I pulled something in my neck and it just kept getting worse.  I was still running, but I was totally out of alignment and knew it.  By Wednesday of this week, it was so bad I didn’t run.  So that’s when I finally went for a visit to my chiropractor, Dr. Dave of Corrective Care Chiropractic in Westford, MA.  He did his thing and within a few days my neck and back were feeling so much better and I can run again without pain.  THANK YOU!!!

#5:  My long run this week was one of the best!  I felt awesome throughout and my fuel worked for the second week in a row.  This makes me feel even more confident in how I will fuel pre and post marathon as well as during the race.

#6:  I have made up my mind that I WILL run Boston!  With the Boston Marathon on everyone’s mind, it was all I could think about this week during my runs.  This is a race that’s been on my running bucket list for way too long and since I’ll be training through the summer for the Marine Corps Marathon this fall, I figure why not continue after that through the winter again in hopes of getting accepted to run Boston 2016 on a charity team.  The Cam Neely Foundation has a charity team and I plan to apply because of their relationship with Tufts Medical Center which is where my Dad is now.  Their mission is close to my heart.

So now that I’ve shared all of this awesomeness, here is a quick recap of my week.

Monday-  Rest Day

Tuesday-  8 early, solo miles of perfection.  Even though it was raining a bit, it felt awesome!

Wednesday –  Supposed to run 7 today, but my neck pain was too much as it had extended into my left shoulder.  I chose to sleep an extra hour and then book it to my chiropractor for some adjusting.  Turned out to be a great plan because I felt much better after the extra sleep and my neck issues were fixed thanks to Dr. Dave!

Thursday-  Back at it bright and early for my mile repeats!  1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down.  Mile repeats x6 with 400 recovery after each for a total of 9.5 miles.

Friday-  6.6 early, solo miles on a slightly different route than I usually take which helped to mix things up a little.  I ended up with NEAR negative splits on this one and was feeling very light on my feet.

Saturday-  Rest Day

Sunday-  15 awesome miles with a great crew.  I used the same fuel for this long run as I did on last weeks long run and it worked wonderfully…WOOHOO!  I’ve got my combination of fuel for Sugarloaf and I’m feeling great about it.

Total mileage week 12:  38.9 miles

Wishing everyone running Boston today the best of luck!  BOSTON STRONG BABY!!!

Runner's Blessing



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