Attention Ladies: Join Me In The Real Women Movement!

As the weather gets better with each passing day and with summer fast approaching, I find myself more and more excited about getting up early, getting my sweat on, and being outside with the kids as much as possible.  Gone are the cold, snowy, sleety, freezing rain days of winter where we had every excuse to not get outside.  NO MORE EXCUSES!  When I go for my morning runs lately, I see so many new faces along the way.  Fellow runners out there pounding the pavement and enjoying nature.  When I head out during the day with my kids for a walk or to hit the local playground, I see other Mom’s out with their kids playing hopscotch, riding bikes, and playing in the park.  People everywhere are coming out of hibernation and smiling again.  It’s so awesome to see!

As a wife, busy Mom of two, Registered Nurse, and active community member, I understand that it can be difficult to get a workout in.  I remember when my son was first born, I would wrap him onto me with my Moby wrap and do squats while he napped, snuggled against me.  During playtime before bed, I find myself using my kids as weights while I lift them in the air and count it as strength training.  Talk about multi-tasking as a Mom!  We all have different schedules and face different challenges each day that force us to make time to stay active.  As women, we are tasked with so many different roles on any given day that staying active can be a challenge in itself.  This is just one reason that I am so excited to take part in the “#REALwomenmove” movement thanks to SkirtSports.

SkirtSports, Inc. CEO and Founder, Nicole DeBoom, recently published a blog post titled #REALwomenmove, in which she said,  “Today we are liberated in so many ways, but we are still surrounded by messages of intimidation and exclusiveness in the world of fitness. My goal with #REALwomenmove is to stop the madness and show women that being fit is something we can all do, regardless of our size, shape or activity level. I want to help motivate women and girls who are unmotivated or intimidated and show them what it looks like to make health and fitness a priority, despite the daily obstacles that are thrown in their paths.”

Nicole went on to invite real women everywhere to join in on the movement.  It’s simple to do. Just post your photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Facebook and tag them using #REALwomenmove and #SkirtSports.  If you’re a real woman who is on a journey to get active or break down a barrier with your own fitness goals, you could win a “Get Started Scholarship” from SkirtSports.  For every 5,000 hashtags used, SkirtSports will giveaway a scholarship that includes lots of great stuff to a deserving REAL woman!  To enter yourself or a friend, visit this link:

So let’s see it!  What makes you REAL?  How do you make time to stay healthy and active despite your seemingly endless, jam-packed days?  Help encourage and inspire other women around you who need a little boost to get started or who are looking for new ways to get creative when it comes to working out.    Show off who YOU are!  Be proud of YOU!  Real IS the new BEAUTIFUL!  Real IS the new STRONG!  Real IS where it’s at!



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