Marathon Training Week 15: Taper Crazies

Let’s just say that it all came back to me this week.  You see, when you train for and complete a marathon, at some point after it’s over, you forget all the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into it.  What you remember is how amazing it felt to finish, to achieve your goal, and to feel on top of the world.  Logically, that’s the only way anyone would sign up to run another marathon in their life, let alone several more.  As I got further into my taper this past week, I started to remember when I trained for my marathon last fall and entered what some would call the “taper crazy” zone.  Think running a lot less than usual, having a lot more time to think about how you’re not running, and basically thinking about how you should go out and run more to really be ready for the big day, in my case Sugarloaf which is just one week from today.  I found myself perusing social media A LOT this past week, living vicariously through other runners who were pounding the pavement, obtaining a new PR, or completing a big race of their own.  Tapering just goes against everything a runner wants to do both mentally and physically.  It’s a great test of self control to hold yourself back, be patient, and let your body rest and prepare.  Unfortunately, I’ve got one more week before I can let loose and go….


Here’s my recap of Week 15.

Monday-  Rest Day

Tuesday-  I headed out a bit later than usual for 4.3 miles with the kids and my neighbor.  It was nice to switch things up a bit and get my running buddy back for this one!


Wednesday-  I decided to not get up super early today either, and so I went out around 8 AM for another 4.4 miles pushing the double BOB beast with the kiddos.  I ran a quiet route and ran into a few friends along the way which made this run fly by, not to mention gorgeous weather.

Thursday-  Today I got back to my usual habit and headed out bright and early for a solo 6.3 mile run full of hills and a bit of light rain.  Despite some GI issues from a dessert I should not have had the night before, the run was fantastic.  I logged some of my fastest miles on this run without really realizing it because I just got in the zone and ran and man did it feel good.

Friday- Rest Day

Saturday-  This morning was my last long run before Sugarloaf.  At 12.3 miles, it seemed short having done so many really long ones in the past several weeks, but I had some great company, was done before 7:30 AM, and basically spent the rest of the day having an early Mother’s Day to myself getting my hair done, a manicure and pedicure, plus a facial and massage…SPOILED!


Sunday-  My Mother’s Day started off right with 5 miles with my family.  It was already super hot and muggy out for our run and I remembered how much I dislike running in this weather.  It’s another reason I tend to run super early in the morning.  Oh, I also got the most amazing Mother’s Day gift from my husband and the kids…clearly they know Mommy loves all things running!


Total mileage:  32.5 miles

And the taper continues….


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