It’s Official…8 Ways I Know I’ve Gone Crazy During My Taper!

Sometimes, ideas for these posts just come out of nowhere.  That’s what happened to me about 10 minutes ago.  A friend sent me a text message simply asking how my taper was going.  My initial thought was “It’s going great!” That lasted for about ten seconds…at which point I started to think about all of the reasons that I know this whole tapering thing is getting to me.  In fact, I think….no wait, I know…I have started to go crazy while tapering over this past week.  Here are the 10 reasons why.

1) I have started considering outrageous, big ticket items.  For example, today I seriously considered contacting a pool company to get an estimate of how much it would cost us to have a pool put in.  Why not?  We have been wanting to get a pool.  The kids would love to have a pool.  We could have all of our family and friends over to swim in our new pool…IN MY DREAMS!!!  Thankfully, I did not pick up the phone…for that anyway.  Instead….

2)  I picked up the phone after getting eaten by a million mosquitos while playing in the yard with the kids and called Mosquito Squad to get an estimate of how much it would cost us to have the yard sprayed to kill every last mosquito that exists.  I got the estimate and am now trying to convince my husband that it’s worth every last penny.

3) I decided on a whim that our garage needs to be cleaned out, emptied out, organized, and put back together.  Oh, did I mention I also want the garage floor painted?  Well, I guess you technically call it applying an “epoxy shield garage floor coating”.  Who knew?  Who cares.  Clearly it needs to be done.

4)  Additionally, our mudroom must be re-done.  I have been thinking about this for a while, but confirmed it’s a must today.  Another example of making irrational decisions while tapering.  I made my list of materials, measured the floor so I know how much new flooring to buy, and even earmarked items in the Land of Nod catalog, which has children’s items for those not familiar, that are “must-haves” for said mudroom.  Who doesn’t need overpriced shelving meant for your child’s princess themed room in their mudroom?

5) I’ve had so many shorter runs that I feel like I’m cheating.  So I’ve found myself taking the kids and pushing the double BOB beast.  They have fun.  I work hard and feel like less of a cheater.  Win win.  It’s all a mental game at this point.

6) Speaking of mental games, I got a new Garmin for Mothers Day and it’s lying to me.  Is that even possible?  Well, it was my reality for the first two miles of my run this morning.  I became obsessed with checking my pace which the Garmin was displaying as near 12 minute miles…HUH?  How am I supposed to hit my marathon goal running 12 minute miles?!?!  I was defeated by Sugarloaf at mile two of my 5 mile run today…in my mind anyway.  What a mental f^#*!  I realized well after my run while obsessing over the instruction manual for my Garmin that it was user error…thank God!

7)  A friend of mine told me that there are about 550 people registered for Sugarloaf.  This got me thinking, will I be running alone?  What if I finish last?  Are the other 549 people that registered super, hard core runners that run up mountains on a daily basis?  OMG!  What have I signed up for!?!?  So of course, I googled the hell out of phrases like “how many registered for sugarloaf” and “average sugarloaf finish time” which was when I realized I could easily check the 2014 race results and have a clue.  There were 504 finishers in 2014 and unless I break a leg, have a heart attack, or get serious GI problems, all of which could clearly happen, I think I’ll be O.K….

8) Unless of course I choose the wrong race day attire.  This came to mind when I started getting superstitious thoughts about what pair of capris to wear which led to thoughts like should I wear a tank top or a tee-shirt, which led to should I wear my favorite pair or socks or my really colorful socks…the list goes on as you can imagine.  Why, oh why, is it becoming so difficult to decide what to wear when for the past month I have known exactly what I’m racing in?  Oh right….it’s called tapering…and it’s clearly getting the best of me.  Thankfully there are only four days until race day!



2 thoughts on “It’s Official…8 Ways I Know I’ve Gone Crazy During My Taper!

  1. Sue-Ann says:

    Mosquitos… soak a cloth in regular white vinegar and rub down any exposed skin, you’ll smell a bit like a fish and chip shop for a while but it WORKS!! And it’s fantastic for any itch related to existing bites and works wonders for sunburn 🙂
    Personally tried and tested


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