Fall Marathon: One Woman’s Loss Is Another Woman’s Gain!

On March 13, I entered the lottery for the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon on a whim.  I did it after a close friend of mine told me that her sister, who is in the military, was getting her a guaranteed bib as a 40th birthday present.  I figured I’d enter the lottery and if I was picked, I would surprise my friend that I would be running with her in this awesome race.  If I was picked, it was meant to be right?  And then I was.


On March 25,  I got the E-Mail notifying me that I was among one of the lucky ones to get picked in the lottery and run with the marines.  It was my lucky day!  I was pumped!  I filled my friend in on the surprise that I’d be joining her for the race…and that’s when she told me that she had decided NOT to have her sister get her the bib.  She would not be running MCM.  WHAT?!?!  EXCUSE ME!?!?! How could this be?!?!  If I got picked, it was meant to be…but things just weren’t shaping up that way.

I was on the fence, but hesitantly decided I’d go forward and do this.  I have wanted to run MCM and there were other running buddies from my run club that would be there as well.  Why not?  I got a hotel after searching high and low because so many were already sold out.  I figured my husband and I could make a vacation out of this.  There is so much to see in the area so it would work out perfectly.  Right?  That’s what I kept telling myself.  But deep down I knew I was forcing this to happen.


This past weekend my husband and I were up at Sugarloaf for me to run the marathon and for him to run the 15K.  I registered him for the 15K to make the four hour drive seem more appealing and because I REALLY wanted him to be there at the finish for me…bad wife moment?  Maybe.  He did run and he did kill the 15K so I would argue otherwise, but he also waited for me after his race for hours and then drove my ass home.  Let’s just say my husband is basically the most supportive guy I know when it comes to my running schedule.  He is always there to cheer me on and help me stay positive.  He is always willing to help with the kids when I run early mornings before he heads to work.  He pushes me to PR races that we run together because he knows I can do it when I sometimes don’t.  He is simply amazing.  Which is in large part why I have had a change of plans for my fall race calendar…

I have made the decision to NOT run MCM this year and to instead run the Baystate Marathon.  Here are the three things that I thought about when making this decision.


1) Date:  The MCM is 10/25/15.  This happens to be my husbands birthday weekend this year.  Pretty selfish of me to drag him in the car for another long ride to another one of my marathons when it’s his weekend to celebrate.  I just can’t do it.  Baystate, on the other hand, is 10/18/15, the weekend before.

2) Location:  The MCM is not local for me.  It requires a long car ride and travel expenses like a hotel, food, transportation in the city, etc…  these are expenses that I just covered for Sugarloaf and doing that twice in a year when there are so many other races nearby is just too much.  Baystate Marathon though is local in Lowell, MA, about 30 minutes from my home.

3) Support:  MCM would be my fourth marathon with little to no on-site support from spectators that I know, like my children, my family, and my friends.  I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again, that’s for sure, but for this time around I’ve got goals to achieve and I could use all the local support I can get.  My husband grew up in Lowell, MA and we’ve got a lot of friends there that I’m hoping could come out to give me a shout and keep me moving.  My kids could actually come and see me finish a marathon along with my entire family.  How awesome would that be?

While I had a hard time with this at first, it just wasn’t in the cards this year for me.  I’m feeling great about Baystate which I already registered for and can’t wait to get back to training once I give my body a bit of time to repair and recover from Sugarloaf.

I’ll be transferring my MCM bib to a friend through the MCM Transfer Program which opens on June 17, 2015.  She has been wanting to run this race for a while now, but hadn’t been picked in the lottery so I’m super glad she will get to run.


If you’ve been looking for a way into the MCM, keep your eye out on the MCM Facebook page where you’ll likely see people start offering up their bibs once the transfer period opens in less than a month.  There is a $40 fee to transfer a bib and each bib can only be transferred once.  The bib cost is $125, but whomever decides to give theirs up will name their price.  MCM does not get involved in that part of the transaction.  Best of luck if you are hoping to run it this year!


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