Week in Review: I’m In Limbo!

So this past week was interesting.  I’m not training for anything specific right now and after Sugarloaf last weekend, I really needed some good rest days to let my body repair and recover.  Not having a specific training schedule to follow was nice, but not what this Type A girl prefers!  I’m much more productive when I have a plan.  You should see my kitchen white board.  It’s always full of different lists… things I need to do, things I need to buy, projects that need to be completed…and all of those things get done because they are written down.  There is something about crossing something off a list or erasing it from my white board that just feels good.  Just like it felt amazing each day to cross off my workout from my marathon training plan.


So with no plan last week, I chose to take three full days to rest my body completely.  No running.  Let’s just say Monday it was easy to take the day off.  Tuesday it was a little harder as I started thinking about running again and all of the new goals I have in mind.  By Wednesday, I was ready to go crazy not going out for my morning run.  So Thursday morning, I headed out for 3.5 miles with my running buddy Jillian.  Wow!  It felt so good to move my legs again and to breathe in some fresh air first thing in the morning!  It felt so good to be back!!!


I took Friday as a rest day because I had plans to head out Saturday early morning with my long run crew for 8 miles which we completed and had a great time running together again!  Then yesterday, my husband and I ran our first race in the Seacoast Series for this year, the Redhook 5K.  Instead of taking the double beast BOB jogger, we decided to take two single BOB joggers and each push one of our kids.  BEST DECISION EVER!  Both of us were running on tired legs so having less weight to push was a very good thing.  As usual, running with my husband means pushing myself to go faster than usual to keep up with him and yesterday was no exception.  However, it meant a PR for me in terms of a 5K while pushing the jogger so I was super excited when we crossed the finish!  Not to mention, it was a beautiful day out and we were heading to a BBQ with great friends.  PERFECTION!


With last week behind me, I feel like I’m still in a bit of limbo.  Why is it so hard to just run for fun, whatever distance I feel like?  I’ve really gotta work on just going with the flow!

One benefit of not running high mileage last week was that my body had a lot of energy to put elsewhere, as in around the house projects that needed to get crossed off my whiteboard!  So I managed to empty the entire house of all junk and items that have been hidden in the attic for the past 5 years.  I filled an entire trailer with the stuff!  Also, I stained the entire new swing set we had installed for the kids.  Was not fun.  Did not feel good on my back.  Scaled the ladder to paint the roof of the playhouse portion.  Nearly died.  But it is DONE!  Lastly, I emptied out the entire garage, swept it, and then used the leaf blower to get rid of hidden dirt, dust, and leaves…OMG, it was a sandstorm in there!  I ended up wearing goggles and pulling my shirt up to cover my mouth and nose so I could actually breathe!  Not fun, but, according to my husband, very funny to watch.

With house projects completed (for now…) and with no specific training plan to follow just yet, I’m going to focus on getting back to strength training twice a week along with track workouts for speed.  One goal for my fall marathon is to improve my pace yet again.  I know that more speed workouts will be key so why wait for my official training cycle to begin?  Also, I have the Hollis Fast 5K coming up on June 11th and one of my goals for this year is to beat my PR set there before I had the kids.  That’s only going to happen with continued hard work and dedication so I’m getting after it!

What are some of your summer race goals?


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: I’m In Limbo!

  1. Kate says:

    Right now I want to just get back to 10 min miles like last year (when I felt like I was so slow). I just started this season but I’m crawling along and it’s killing me.

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