Wrist Candy: My Obsession and a Momentum Motivate Wrap Review

So I have a confession.  I’ve developed a slight obsession with all kinds of bracelets.  Gold, silver, fake, real, colorful, stretchy, wraps, fabric, fancy, fun, sporty…I don’t discriminate.  If I can sport said bracelet on a run, even better!  I actually find myself accessorizing bracelets with my running outfits.  (Did I just say that?!?!)  I think I count my Garmin as a big bracelet.  (Yep!  I just said that.)  Clearly, I love me some wrist candy!

My newest favorites are from Momentum.  I should share with you that I am not being compensated in any way by Momentum for this post.  I just love their products that much!  Their Motivate Wraps are amazing.  I can proudly say that I now own THREE of these wraps, have given them as gifts, and have fallen in LOVE with them!




Here are 8 reasons why you’re going to love them too!

1)  Sporty and sassy all in one.  The wraps can be worn during your favorite workout or on your favorite, casual night out.  The blend of sport and sass is perfection!

2)  Super comfy!  The wraps are made of stretchy fabric that feels so soft on your skin.  They don’t feel tight, they won’t slip off, and they won’t cause chafing…BONUS!

3)  Sweat friendly.  Chances are you’ll be wearing your wrap during a good sweat session.  No worries!  You can easily wash the fabric in cold water, hang it to dry, and then wrap it back on your wrist fresh as a daisy!

4) One size fits all.  These wraps will fit any wrist size!  The fabric material allows you to wrap as few or as many times as you need to around your own wrist for comfort and correct fit.

5) Inspiration and motivation at the ready!  There are so many sayings to choose from for your wrap and you can even customize it.  The next time you’re doing speed work and want to quit or find yourself holding a plank and wondering how much longer, you can look to your wrist for the extra push to keep you going!  I wore my custom “Run For Your Sole” wrap during my marathon along with my “Run Happy” wrap to remind me during tough miles why I run.  LOVED seeing those around mile 21!

6)  Made in the U.S.A.  Enough said.

7)  Great gift idea.  Everyone will love these wraps.  If you’ve got a friend going through a tough time, check out the “Positive Energy” wrap.  If you have a friend that just completed their first half marathon, the “13.1” wrap would be perfect!  Or if you’re like me and are looking for yourself, the “No Excuses” wrap tops the list!

8)  Affordable.  The Motivate Wraps are $20 if you choose from the available sayings or just $25 if you choose to customize your saying.  Considering their lifespan, this is a great buy in my book!

Check out Momentum at http://www.designsthatmoveyou.com to view all of their inspirational products including necklaces, earrings, headbands, and even shoe charms!


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