National Running Day: A Look Into My Miles!

National Running Day started in 2009 as a way to celebrate all things running.  Since this unofficial holiday is always held on the first Wednesday inJune, it’s coming up next Wednesday, June 3.  If you’re already in love with the run and want to celebrate or are looking for the perfect reason to stop thinking about running and actually start, this is your chance!  Join hundreds of thousands of runners coast to coast and have some fun doing what you love!


Check out for more information, resources, to find a local group run, and your opportunity to partner with Charity Miles, a very cool app that will help support a charity of your choice with each mile you run!

Since I’m an ASICS lover, I’ll also share that ASICS is running their “Go Run It” campaign for National Running Day.  All you have to do is show ASICS how you plan to “Go Run It” to celebrate!  Using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, share a picture of your favorite running trail, your winning race outfit, your post-run fuel-up stop, or best “shoefie” using the hashtag #GoRunItJune3.  You could be featured by ASICS on their social media pages on June 3rd AND ASICS will be giving away a free pair for shoes to a random winner for every 100 tweets that use the #GoRunItJune3 hashtag on Twitter.  Join me and GO RUN IT!

Now, in preparation for the upcoming National Running Day, an amazing blogger and fellow SweatPink Ambassador, Kristen, of Jonesin’ For A Run, asked if I’d be interested to share this interview and give you all a look into my miles so far this year.  I thought, “Hell yeah!”  So here are 10 questions to help you learn more about me.

1)  Why do you run?  So many reasons…I run because I can.  I RUN4 Angel, my buddy.  I run because it makes me feel alive!  I run because it makes me a better person in all aspects of my life.  I run because it keeps me sane.  I run because deep down, I love proving to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.

2)  How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?  I’ll be heading out early for a run with my friend and spreading the word about how awesome running is!

3)  How many miles have you run so far this year?  To date, I have run 658.6 miles (but who’s counting?!?!).  I set a goal to run 1,000 miles in 2015 and I’m on track to exceed that which is pretty awesome!

4)  What big events do you have on the race calendar so far for this year?  I will be running the Zooma Half at the Cape this fall as well as the Baystate marathon in October.  Also, Reach the Beach Relay with team Running Neck-ed to raise awareness around thyroid cancer, the Catamount 25K Trail race, and the Lazy Lobster 5 miler with MyTeam Triumph Massachusetts.  This summer I have a lot of smaller races that I am looking forward to including the Seacoast Series that I run with my husband and kids.  This will be our second year as a family.

5)  Before I leave for a run, I must have…  Glide all over me, my Garmin, my Fitletic hydration belt (depending on distance), a glass of water, oatmeal (if it’s a run 10+ miles), a bathroom break, and my favorite pair of ASICS.

6)  Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?  I’m my own worst nightmare when it comes to tracking apps.  For a long time, I used only Nike+ to track my runs.  Then, a ton of friends were on Strava so I decided to use it, but I couldn’t break up with Nike+ so I was using both for every run.  This Mother’s Day, my husband got me a Garmin 220 and so now I use it to track my runs…plus Strava AND Nike+!  Yes, it’s ridiculous.  Yes, it takes too much of my time.  Nike+ has all my mileage from when I began tracking so how can I give that up?  Strava is awesome because I can see what my friends are doing and we can share routes.  My Garmin is where it’s at because I don’t need to bring a phone on runs anymore.  See?  I told you…I’m a nightmare!  Clearly, I need to cut the cord!

7)  Who is your favorite running partner?  This is a really tough question!  I have so many different running buddies and they are all AWESOME for different reasons.  Since I have to pick, I’m going with my two year old son.  I’ve been taking him on runs since before he was born and now he is the perfect age because he talks to me the whole time.  He loves to tell me all the things he sees along the way.  He gets so excited about seeing a bird, a horse, an American flag, a big truck…things I might not even really notice if I was alone because I tend to get into my zone.  When I run with him, it reminds me how awesome it is to experience things like it’s your first time and how important it is to just have fun.

8)  What races have you ran so far this year?  I have done a few virtual races for Ainsley’s Angels, Eastern States 20 miler, the Sugarloaf Marathon, and the Redhook 5K.

9)  If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be?  Run the mile that you are in.

10)  Describe your relationship with running in one word:  Obsession (is that bad?)




7 thoughts on “National Running Day: A Look Into My Miles!

  1. Sandra Laflamme says:

    Oh! I loved reading your interview! You must do a lot of racing in my area! I see that you are running the Catamount 25K. I may have to join you for that one! Sounds like an awesome race!!! Happy running!


  2. organicsandra says:

    Loved reading your interview! It sounds like we do a lot of running in the the same area. I am in NH! Where are you? How was the Sugarloaf Marathon? Would love to run that one some year. I see you are doing the Catamount 25K. I may have to join you there! Sounds like a fun race!


    • heathersweeney1979 says:

      Hey Sandra – Sugarloaf was amazing. Beautiful, well organized run! Smaller than others I’ve done but I loved it! I am in Amherst, NH. You? The Catamount 25k is sold out…boo!!! But the 50k has 50 spots left if you like an ultra? Happy running!


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