If the Shoe Fits: My Addiction to ASICS!

Hello.  My name is Heather and I am addicted to ASICS.  Specifically, my current addiction lies with the ASICS Gel-Kayano series, but occasionally I find myself at the local ASICS outlet with loads of other items as well.  They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so here goes nothing…

Clearly, I have a problem!  I currently own 11 pairs of ASICS, most of them Gel-Kayano’s, ranging from the 17’s to the newest version, the 21’s.  This is my stash along with my husbands stash AFTER doing a sneaker clean out just a few months ago.

"Free"- my shoe art for an ASICS contest asking how running makes you feel.

“Free”- my shoe art for an ASICS contest asking how running makes you feel.

Uh-oh.  I suppose I’m what you would call a sneaker hoarder.  There once was a time when my closet was lined with beautiful heels and strappy shoes.  While I have not lost my love for a beautiful high heel, I now DEFINITELY own more pairs of running sneakers than I do any other kind of shoe.


The best thing about each pair of ASICS I own is that they all tell a story and they’ve all been used to the max, except of course my newest pairs.  Yes, pairs, plural.  That is because I find that I buy in twos.  When a new version comes out, I typically have worn the past version into the ground and entered a new training cycle, which calls for two new pairs of Gel-Kayano’s (in different colors of course).  I alternate my shoes with each run so that they don’t wear too quickly, have time to dry between runs, and so that I don’t get bored with one particular color scheme (which sounds so ridiculous as I type this, but it’s the truth).

Right now, I alternate between these three pairs as I pick up training again for my 2nd marathon of 2015…


21’s on the left and in the middle…my “go to” pairs. 20’s on the right for back-up.


Which leaves all of these other ASICS I own in a “retired” state.  Retired from major training that is.   I have reserved these two pairs for the trunk of my car for the “what if” scenarios.  What if I was out for the day and decided last minute to head out for a quick run?  What if I was headed to a race and forgot my sneakers that day?  What if I decided to hit the gym when I hadn’t planned to?  By the way, none of these “what if” scenarios have actually happened to me in the last year at least.  But hey, what if right???

Both "retired" Gel-Kayanos that got me through running while pregnant and marathon training

Both “retired” Gel-Kayanos that got me through running while pregnant and marathon training

A few pairs I have for when I go out and want to wear sneakers as my shoe of choice…other than being dirty from lots of pavement pounding, they still look pretty good.  Yes, one is the Gel-Noosa Tri which I loved for fast, shorter runs.  I actually keep debating a newer pair for speed work.  Hmmm…clearly I need them right?

Yes, that's a Gel-Noosa Tri on the left!  LOVED these for short, fast runs in the past.

Yes, that’s a Gel-Noosa Tri on the left!

Finally, there are a few pairs that really haven’t been touched in at least a year (probably two) and should have really been put in the shoe graveyard when I did my clean out.  But remember, I’m an addict/hoarder and I can’t simply get rid of them…yet.

Gel-Kayano 17's and other styles from God knows when...

Gel-Kayano 17’s and other styles from God knows when…

So many of my running buddies talk about trying new sneaks out.  Several of them bounce from one brand and style to the next as theirs wear out.  Kudos to you if you can do that!  A very small piece of me is a little jealous, but I just won’t.  My theory is this…if the shoe fits, doesn’t cause you discomfort going the distance, doesn’t leave you with black toenails and blisters, AND looks good, don’t mess with it!  Yes, I know that from one version to the next, the Gel-Kayano’s (or any sneaker for that matter) will have a few changes.  Even with those changes over the years, I have ALWAYS been able to go the distance, NEVER had a black toenail, and have only had ONE blister.  Yes!  Only one!  And yes, I probably just jinxed myself right there.  My point is, for me, the ASICS Gel-Kayano’s fit my feet perfectly…like a glove.  I don’t see us breaking up any time soon.  I love the extra cushioning and support.  It is exactly what my feet crave.  Sure, I own a few pairs of other sneaker brands, but I don’t run in them.  Ever.  It’s like bad luck.  I am paranoid that if I was to switch from my tried and true ASICS, I’d end up with messed up feet and not be able to run.  Worst. Nightmare. Ever.

To anyone reading this that has found the perfect running shoe for their foot, I know you feel me.  For those that are still hunting, I feel for you!  May you find the perfect sneaker, have happy feet always, and pound the pavement blister free!  On that note…the local ASICS outlet is calling my name.  Clearly this addict can not be helped.  Gotta run!


What’s your favorite running sneaker?

Do you tend to switch styles and/or brands often?  If yes, why?


2 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits: My Addiction to ASICS!

  1. Brenda Hanson says:

    Dont get rid of the purple and blue ones that you said you were going to throw into the graveyard! Those are cute shoes and if you put pink shoestrings in them. Then you’ve created a pair of thyroid cancer awareness shoes!!!


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