Week In Review: The Highs and Lows of Running!

This past week was not a traditional week for me in terms of workouts by any means.  I was signed up to participate in two races which I’m not sure I’ve ever done and my body felt it.  As a result, I ended up with an extra day of rest than I had planned, but it was definitely necessary.  I experienced my highest high and a low point in terms of running all in one week.  But you know what they say…


Here is my recap.

Monday-  60 minutes of strength training.  My trainer and I couldn’t connect in person this week, so he sent me an online routine to use.  I usually find it’s harder to get the motivation for my strength training when I’m doing it solo so I was lucky enough to have my husband join me!  My trainer focused the workout on upper body and core knowing I had races coming up.  This picture pretty much sums up my strength workout in large part done on my Bosu Ball.  The Bosu Ball definitely made the exercises more challenging and put an extra demand on my core and upper body which was awesome!


Tuesday-  I headed out early with my running buddy for a planned 7 mile run with some nice uphills to start.  I think I must have been half asleep running because I was sure that the route we were doing was just about 7 miles, until it wasn’t.  After going a bit further on one road then planned just to get us to the 7 mile mark, we turned back toward home and when we arrived, we were only at 5.7 miles, not the 6.7 I envisioned.  I would normally pay attention to my Garmin, but like I said, I think I was sleep-running.  It was a good 5.7 regardless and we started the day off right!

Wednesday–  Planned rest day to prepare my body for race day.

Thursday-  The Hollis Fast 5K had a 6:30 PM start time.  Considering I run early mornings, the early evening, mid-week race threw me off a bit, but I had been looking forward to this race for three years now.  In 2012, I ran my fastest 5K on this course at 23:29.  This was the first time I ran it since 2012 and the first time running it since having my kids so I put a lot of pressure on myself to PR once again…and hot damn, I did it!  23:09 was my official finish time!  I’m still smiling as I think about it because it truly was the best race I’ve had.  This was by far the high point of my week in terms of running.


Friday-  I was planning to do a PIYO workout, but my body needed refueling, hydrating, stretching, and rest so that’s what I did.

Saturday-  My husband and I ran the Market Square Day 10K which is part of the Seacoast Series we are participating in.  It’s one of my favorite races each year and it’s always hot out!  This year was no different (super hot) and we were pushing the double BOB beast with the kids and all their “stuff” stored on the bottom.  We decided to split the efforts and each push the kids about half of the race.  I took round 1 for the first 3 miles and by mile 2, I was feeling it in my legs which were screaming at me from the fast 5K on Thursday night.  At mile marker 3 I told my husband I was tapping out and handed him the reigns.  Thank God he was there because I somehow managed to keep running with just a few quick walking breaks for water and at the top of one hill.  My legs were yelling for me to stop and even my head was saying no more!!!  This was my low point this week in terms of running.  I managed to finish this race on heart alone and using the mantra “run the line”, which meant just follow the double yellow line on the road and put one foot in front of the other.  We finished in 1:00:12.  When I checked my splits I realized I ran faster WITH the double stroller than I ran without it.  Interesting…Maybe I should have pushed that beast the entire 6.2?!?!


Sunday-  Planned rest day spent at the beach with my family…so necessary and so nice!


Total mileage this week:  15

Did you run Hollis Fast 5K or Market Square Day 10K?

Do you ever find you run faster while pushing a stroller than without it?


2 thoughts on “Week In Review: The Highs and Lows of Running!

  1. Teresa Stringer says:

    Great job on a great running week! I did run the Market Square Day 10k. I was hoping for a PR but, I think it was too hot! Fun race! I can’t imagine pushing a stroller!


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