Five Months, Good Health, & Boston!

When I logged in to edit some pages yesterday, I realized it had been almost exactly five months since I had posted anything here.  FIVE MONTHS!!??!! Just another example of how quickly time passes us by.  In the last five months, a TON has happened!  I’m a little sad that I missed writing about it all, but instead of going back in time, here’s a quick recap!

I have completed 11 races including Baystate Marathon (my second marathon of 2015), the Catamount Ultra (my first true trail race- AMAZING!), three relays, and a handful of 5K’s.  (For results, click here.)   I am now a proud ambassador for Momentum, which makes the most amazing, inspiring, motivational designs and jewelry for all of us who are always on the go, living an active lifestyle.  I just recently joined Gate City Striders here in Nashua, NH because the group is AWESOME, I love the idea of working with a team, and I need the extra push that this group will give me as I begin training again…for BOSTON!!!  YES!!! I AM RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON!!! Did I just say that??? I actually still can’t believe that this dream of mine is actually happening!  IT’S REAL!!!  I’M  DOING IT!!!


As many of you know, the toughest part of my year has revolved around my Dad being very ill.  Thankfully, while I was MIA here, he was busy working hard to fight, get his strength back, and work towards recovering.  In case you missed it, back in January my Dad underwent a double bypass surgery.  He came out of that surgery and recovered extremely well, but began to go down hill fast within just a few weeks.  He was in and out of the hospital several times without real answers or diagnoses as doctors continued to point to the bypass surgery he had just come through as the issue.  After months of his decline, countless trips to the hospital, watching his muscle waste away, and seeing my Dad begin to disappear in front of my own eyes, he was admitted to Tufts Medical Center in Boston where he was finally diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome so severe that his cortisol levels were 47 times the norm.  Additionally, a neuroendocrine tumor was found on his lung which was actually responsible for “spitting out” the excess hormones and driving his decline.  It was cancerous.  The only way to literally save his life was to get the hormones under control while at the same time managing his overall health and condition that resulted after so many months of nobody knowing was was actually happening.  He had to be well enough to undergo yet another surgery to remove the left lower lobe of his lung.  His team at Tufts told us that this type of case was so extremely rare that at a hospital the size of Tufts, they MIGHT see it once every 25-30 years.

While it seemed like forever to everyone involved, my Dad fought…and fought…and fought…finally getting well enough to undergo the lung surgery to remove this tumor.  The surgery was on June 16th.  Everyone held their breath that day as you might imagine.  When his amazing surgeon came to tell us that everything had gone perfectly, I think I nearly collapsed with shear relief and joy.  I will never forget that day as long as I live.  It was like a weight had been lifted and life could begin again.  I could not be more thankful or happy to say that he is now able to breathe freely,  walk unassisted, and he even drove the car for the first time this month!!!  There were MANY days that I’m sure my Dad may have wanted to quit fighting, but he NEVER GAVE UP!  He never quit!  It has been a long road that continues on even now, but I’ll be the first to say that miracles do happen!  We owe his life to Tufts.


While I have always dreamed of running the Boston Marathon, I always knew that to run as part of a charity team, I would need to have a deep, personal connection to the cause to commit to all that is involved.  While the circumstances that led me to being forever indebted to Tufts Medical Center have been horrifying, this entire experience has gotten me to this point and I could not be more proud to be running Boston as part of Team Tufts Medical Center!  I can’t think of any other team I would want to be part of knowing how amazing Tufts is inside and out!


So as you can see, while I have been absent with my blog posts, I have been busy experiencing life, with all of its ups and downs.  I can’t wait to take you on my journey from this point forward as I begin training with Team Tufts and getting closer to the finish line at Boston with every step I take!  Stay tuned for more!  It feels so good to say…I’M BACK!!!



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