Ten Things I’m Thankful For!


There are so many incredible blessings to be thankful for year round, but sometimes in the midst of all the chaos, it takes a day like today, Thanksgiving, to reflect back on those blessings, those moments, and those people who truly make a difference.

While I could list so many personal things I am very thankful for, in the spirit of keeping it light for the holiday, here are ten things running related items I am thankful for every time I take to the open roads, breathe in the fresh air, and pound some pavement.

  1.  Of course…my ASICS!  I haven’t broken my addiction yet to the ASICS Gel-Kayanos and don’t see that happening any time soon.  Hey, if the shoe fits…

"Free"- my shoe art for an ASICS contest asking how running makes you feel.

2.  Strobe lights are where it’s at when you’re running before sunrise!  I turn to Nathan for my strobe lights and wear one on my back and one of my chest so I’m covered from both sides!  The clips on their lights are nice and tight so they don’t fall off mid-run like some others I have tried.                                                                                                                                                                                                 3.  Along those same lines, my reflective Amphipod Xinglet Vest keeps me even more visible as cars approach me and probably wonder “WHAT IS THAT THING?!?!?!” … but hey, at least they see me!


4.  Lastly, when it comes to being visible, I won’t leave home without my headlamp!  I used to run with an Energizer headlamp which did the job but was heavy on my head and hurt my forehead by the end of the run.  Thanks to my friend, I discovered the LED Lenser NEO headlamp.  This thing is affordable, super lightweight, and extremely bright, not to mention it comes in an assortment of fun colors

5.  On those long runs, I need to make sure I fuel up to keep moving and for that I turn to Honey Stinger!  I am in LOVE with the Ginsting Energy Gel, Organic Honey Waffles, and Orange Blosson Organic Energy Chews.  They do the job and they taste SO GOOD!


6.  Hydration is key and that’s why God created NUUN!  You won’t find me racing without NUUN in my water bottles to keep me good and hydrated mile after mile.  My favorites are Orange and Fruit Punch, but I’m pretty sure I’ll drink any flavor!

7.  When I have 5 minutes to sit and relax, I used to open up US Weekly for my “news”…not to say I don’t sometimes do that (guilty pleasure), but nowadays if I have the time to read a magazine it is definitely Runner’s World!  I love the training tips, must have gear, new workouts, race information, and so much more!


8.  My running group, Greater Manchester Moms Run This Town, is by far one of the BEST running related things to have happened in my life.  The motivation and inspiration in the group is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!  Even though many of us have not met in person, we lift each other up, push each other to the limit, and support one another in everything we do.  Nobody is left behind and nobody goes it alone!


9.  Speaking of inspiration and motivation, I have fallen in love with my Motivate Wraps and Foot Note shoe charms from Momentum.  I am thankful for the small reminders I get when I glance down at my jewelry mid training run from hell and remember there are “no excuses” or as I circle the track for speed work and “remember my why”.  Not to mention, Momentum products make great gifts!

10.  Mostly, I am thankful for the running community and for the friends I have made that are just as crazy as I am, getting up at the butt crack of dawn just to get their workout in and work out their crazy!  I am thankful for life to my ROCKSTAR RUNNERS (you know who you are!) because every last one of you keeps me in check, pushes me beyond my limits, and reminds me what it really means to run happy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  Take time today to reflect on all of your blessings, large or small, and be thankful for every last one of them.



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