Purchase a Sweaty Band and Help a Great Cause!

As I fundraise for Team Tufts Medical Center and continue on my journey toward Boston 2016, I have been trying to get creative and offer a variety of ways for people to donate and help support such an amazing charity.  While I’m sure that my friends and family already feel overloaded with opportunities to help, I want to make sure there is something for everyone.  All of the fundraising events I am organizing speak to things that I love, am involved with, or are just plain fun!  This fundraising opportunity is no different.

When I learned that Sweaty Bands would let me custom design a headband to sell AND donate a portion of proceeds directly to Tufts Medical Center Boston, I was over the moon excited!  Sweaty Bands are my favorite headbands!  It’s true when they say that they don’t slip off your head…THEY DON’T!  I have a pretty big collection of Sweaty Bands going at this point and unless I’m wearing a hat to work out, I’m sporting one of these babies.  They are functional AND fashionable and I love them!


So the “piece of me” that I implemented into this fundraiser is the actual Sweaty Band because I’m such a lover of their products.  I also included my Run For Your Sole logo as a symbol that we are all inspiring others around us with every step that we take.  I wove in a “piece of my Dad” as well, since he is the reason behind my being part of Team Tufts Medical Center.  If you read my earlier post about my Dad’s illness, you probably remember that he NEVER GAVE UP fighting for his life this entire year.  He still battles daily to get stronger and stronger with each step he takes.  So my Sweaty Band will serve as a reminder to NEVER GIVE UP.  Never give up on your goals.  Never give up on yourself. Never give up on a workout.  Never give up on your journey, whatever that may be.  There will be ups and downs, but if you continue to work hard and continue to fight, you WILL succeed!  Quiet all the noise and the negative.  Focus on the positive, keep your head up, and NEVER GIVE UP!


Head on over to Sweaty Bands between now and January 19, 2016 to get your own custom “Never Give Up” headband.  Why not get one for a lucky friend too!  They’ll make great gifts for the holidays.


Be sure to enter code “TeamTufts” to get 10% off and to ensure a portion of proceeds is donated directly to Tufts Medical Center on my behalf!




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